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Genuine Collection

Welcome to my Virtual Art Gallery dedicated to travel photography.
If you are reading this, you are certainly like me: a photography lover, a travel enthusiast? So no doubt, you are in the right place to undertake a real world tour in pictures.

All the photographs displayed in my Virtual Art Gallery come from my many journeys around the World that I had always dreamed of doing. There is no beginning, there is no end. Each collection is a theme and each theme is an exhibition of extraordinary travel photos.

Have a good trip!


Galleries & Exhibitions of Extraordinary Voyages

Galleries & Exhibitions
of Extraordinary Voyages

  • intro horse shoe bend hero
    Photo Collection

    Grandeur Nature is a series of exceptional landscapes that truly left me speechless. This collection is a window onto magical places that invite contemplation.

  • intro wyoming hero
    Photo Collection

    An invitation to take an immersive stroll through some of the most beautiful panoramas I have ever visited. Here man can truly feel what true wild and untamed nature represents.

  • intro terre hero
    Photo Collection

    A compilation of travel photographs which, in its own way, promotes the secret gardens that dot the surface of the earth. Far from being exhaustive, this gallery is updated regularly.

  • Moine bouddhiste
    Photo Collection 1993

    A total immersion in unique landscapes, truly suspended from the foothills of the Himalayas. The purpose of the trip: to reach Padum (Zanskar)...

  • intro glenelg hero
    Photo Collection 1991

    An extraordinary journey to the southern lands with the crossing of 5 of the 6 states that make up Australia, the magical country of daydreams and flowery deserts...

  • intro nepal gallery
    Photo Collection 1994

    An initiatory path, in the sacred intimacy of the land of smiles, in search of Prince Siddhartha. From Kathmandu to Bhaktapur via Pashupatinath, the emotion is palpable...

  • intro route66 hero
    Photo Collection 2018

    From Chicago (Illinois) to Santa Monica (California), this road trip is a real journey back in time where the promising American dream is only a shadow of itself...

  • intro powwow hero
    Photo Collection 2013

    Personal look at people here and elsewhere. Photos which are intended to be a testimony to humanity in its expression, its differences and its traditions.

  • intro buffalo butt hero
    Photo Collection

    Traveling means experiencing the present moment in a more intense and open way. It is in this state of mind that all encounters are possible, especially with wild fauna.

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